RCA Universal Remote Codes for Element TV

Are you are tired of using multiple remotes in your home or office? Using multiple remotes for multiple devices is a difficult task. Did you ever thought about a universal remote that can operate multiple devices at one time. Yes, it is true A RCA remote can operate your TV, Blue ray player, music devices, satellite setup boxes and other devices. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to program your RCA remote and provide a few RCA remote codes for element TV. Listed below codes will provide different features for different devices. Choose your code carefully. Let us move to the process:

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Element List 

There are some element TV codes are available you can choose some codes for your device. Read the programming process carefully and test yourself.

RCA Universal Remote Codes List 4 Digit Element

I listed some codes for that your element TV. You can try for your TV, but you have to spend some time to choose right one. I personally used these codes for my element TV and worked very well.

  • 1687
  • 1886
  • 2183

RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for Element Smart TV

You can find above mentioned codes for your element smart TV. There are no specific codes for your TV. You have to find best code in the list, need to repeat the process until that your device programmed.

  • 13559
  • 11687
  • 12183
  • 12964
  • 11886
  • 12256

How to Program RCA Universal Remote Control for Element TV

Turn on your Element TV before programming it. Make sure that your device batteries are new. Do not use old batteries, which may not work properly while that your device is pairing with remote. In addition, new batteries help you connect faster and safe.  

1). Enable Setup Mode

Press the setup button of the remote for a few seconds to make ready to program your remote. Now you can see red light turns on. Now you can see a red light will turn on your device. After this, release the setup button, but the red light will remain on. 

Note: You may see a signal red light top of your remote or at power off/on button. 

2). Press the device button.

Look a device button on the remote and press it. If you are not finding the proffered device on the remote, press any other device button. In this case, you will see a red signal light blink and remain stable. 

3). Now ready to enter the device code

Use the key pad of your remote and enter the codes shown above. The signal red light will turn off after entering the last digit. 

4). Test your remote with connecting your device.

Press the buttons of your remote to operate your device. If you are satisfied with your remote, you can enjoy it, if it is not work repeat the same procedure again and use next code.

Note: You will get correct code. (Enjoy)

There is another way also available to program your RCA Universal remote, named auto programming. In this auto programming, no need to add any codes as you entered in the RAC universal remote manually. 

Auto programming process For RCA Remote For Element TV

Auto code search called as auto programming. It helps you program your remote without any codes and no need to add any additional information also. You have to follow a few simple steps to program your auto programming RCA remote.

Step 1: Turn on the device that you would like to connect, such as blue ray player /TV.

Step 2:  Use new batteries only for your remote only and point to the device.

Step 3:  Press and leave the correct device button on your RCA remote. For example, if you want to connect your remote TV, press the TV button your remote.

Step 4: Now press the device button and remote button at one time and hold it until both equipments lights off and on. 

Step 5: Now press the play button and release it. Wait for a few seconds that your device reconnects to turns off. Now you get correct code. If it failed, your remote will find new batch of codes, so, you have to press play button and observe a few seconds. 

Step 6: press the rewind button your remote to turn the device back. If it is not work, repeat the same guidelines until the remote acquires the perfect code. 

Step 7: To save the codes press hit the stop button

Work with a few functions to ensure they are correct to your remote. Start using your remote. 

RCA Remote Brand coding process For Element TV

It is also one of the best method for your RCA remote. You do not need to enter any specific code on your remote. It works just like auto programming. But you have to know the correct code of your device that provided by your device company or search it in online. 

Use new batteries for your remote and keep it in working condition. Turn on the device that you would like to pair with remote.  Press the device button and remote button simultaneously until turns on both devices. Now enter the brand code, and press the power button of your remote a few times until the device turns off. Once it is turns off, hit the stop button. If it is not working, repeat the same process again. 

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