What Are The RCA Soundbar Remote Codes

Most people do not prefer those lofty sound systems or boom boxes anymore. Instead, people love using a soundbar as these are highly portable and produce quite clear and powerful sound. They can be used in the drawing-room, bedroom, or even carried along on picnics or travel. Yet, people cannot do without their remote control as it helps them control their beloved soundbar when they are relaxing.

If you are someone who doesn’t like clutter, then too many remotes are the last thing on your wish list. Wouldn’t you want a single remote that takes care of it all! In such a case, you may want to go in for a RCA soundbar remote. The universal remote will enable you to control your soundbar along with many other devices, once you program it with the right codes.

RCA Universal Remote Soundbar Codes List

Pairing your newly purchased RCA universal remote with a soundbar is actually quite a straightforward process. All you need to do is place a brand new set of batteries in your RCA remote, jot down the correct RCA sound bar remote code to program your RCA remote based on your soundbar brand, and follow the instructions mentioned later in this article.

  • 20060
  • 31254
  • 30531
  • 20149
  • 20042
  • 21060
  • 21014
  • 31023
  • 21035
  • 20807
  • 20035
  • 32041
  • 33297
  • 32655
  • 30531
  • 31609
  • 31390
  • 31511
  • 33969
  • 33295
  • 32426
  • 31459
  • 31963
  • 30823
  • 31023
  • 33363
  • 33091
  • 30360

How To Reset RCA Soundbar

You can reset the RCA Soundbar when not working as expected or not responding to the controlling commands. Before resetting the RCA Soundbar, check the remote control and change the batteries to control the RCA Soundbar. As well as reprogram the remote. If the Soundbar is not responding to the RCA remote, reset it by following the simple instructions below.

Press the “POWER” button and the “VOLUME” button for ten seconds.

Remove all the power cables from the Soundbar and connect them to the device again. After this, press the ON/OFF button once. Now, your Soundbar is reset to factory settings.

RCA Sound Bar Remote Not Working

If you are not able to control your soundbar with your RCA remote then, you need to check if the batteries in your remote are fresh. If the batteries are fresh, and the remote still isn’t working then you may be programming the remote with the wrong RCA sound bar 4 digit remote code. If you are sure about the codes then you need to keep reading like how to program rca universal remote to seiki tv guide and follow the proper process of programming the RCA remote.

How To Program Sound Bar With RCA Universal Remote

Out here, we will discuss the two easiest ways to program an RCA universal remote to pair with your soundbar. The instructional steps mentioned in this article are meant to fix RCA sound bar remote not working issues and apply to most universal remotes such as RCA remotes. In case, you have a different universal remote that does not comply with the afore mentioned steps for program rca remote to tcl tv have a look , you can refer to the user manual of your universal remote control for more detailed instructions.

  1. Start by placing fresh batteries in the remote. The battery type should be mentioned in the RCA remote user manual.
  2. Now, find the 3, 4, or 5 digit code to pair your soundbar with your universal remote. You will most likely find it in your RCA remote user manual.
  3. To pair a universal remote with a soundbar, you need to ensure that the soundbar and TV are both switched on.
  4. Now, point your RCA remote towards the soundbar and press the “Setup” button on your universal remote. The LED light on your remote will light up.
  5. If this step doesn’t work then press AUX and OK buttons simultaneously, after which you must press the channel up button. Keep the button pressed until the soundbar turns off.
  6. Now, press the AUX button once again to save the program.
  7. If the afore mentioned step works then your remote is already set up. If not, then enter the brand-specific pairing code into the RCA remote.
  8. Doing so should light up the LED indicator. This indicates that the pairing has worked.

Finally, you must test your remote to see if all the functions such as channel, volume, and menu are working properly. All in all, you will find that most universal remotes have a similar setup with slight differences in instructions. So, follow the instructional steps carefully and pair your remote with the right codes.

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