What Are The Codes for RCA Universal Remote For Seiki TV?

Do you often feel frustrated or confused with the dozen remotes lying on your drawing table? You pick a remote to switch on your TV, but suddenly the stereo system starts blasting! If so, then you are in the right place.

Now is the time to invest in a solid RCA universal remote. This modern-day marvel allows you to control all your electrical devices with a single remote. You can use it to control your television, DVD player, Blu-ray, or stereo. All you need to do is use a unique set of RCA universal remote codes Seiki to sync your remote with the desired device that you want to control, and the remote is ready to make life a breeze!

What Is The Seiki TV Codes List for RCA Universal Remote

As mentioned earlier, one needs to feed the RCA universal remote with the right set of codes to program it. One can find the codes list at the back of a Seiki TV, or else by searching on the internet.

  • 10178
  • 12964
  • 13559

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to Seiki TV

One can either manually program RCA universal remote to Seiki TV or use the keycode method of programming.

Method 1: Program RCA Universal Remote with “Keycode Method”

  1. Switch on Seiki TV.
  2. Click the TV button on the universal remote.
  3. Press and hold the “Setup” button and the LED light will turn on. Now, the remote is in learning mode.
  4. Enter the right the code from above list.
  5. Point the remote towards the TV, press and hold the “Power” button. The TV screen will automatically turn off.

The remote is programmed and ready for use. However, if the TV screen does not go off, you may try the next method.

Method 2: Programming the RCA Remote With “Manual Setup”

  1. Switch on the Seiki TV.
  2. Press the “Setup” button on your remote control.
  3. Now, enter the code by manually entering numbers through the number pad.
  4. Press any function key such as CH+ or CH-, but do not press the “Vol+” button.
  5. Press the corresponding key on your original remote control.
  6. The indicator light will blink twice. It is a sign that the code has been entered correctly and saved.
  7. Finally, tap on the “Vol+” button on the universal remote to see if the volume on the Seiki TV increases. If the volume increases, you have successfully programmed the “Vol+ button.

Similarly, one needs to repeat the process to program each of the function keys on a universal remote. After you have gone through the process with all the function keys, click the “Setup” button to save and complete the setup process.

Seiki TV Remote is Not Working

There are a few reasons that cause Seiki TV remote not working problem. The first culprit is old batteries, which can’t send solid signals to your TV. You must check the batteries first when your Seiki TV remote is not working if the problem is resolved with new batteries, that are fine. If not, you will need to go following fixes. 

Reset the remote and Seiki TV: If your TV remote is not working, you will need to reset the remote after inserting new batteries. After this, check the remote control buttons to control the TV. If the device is not responding as expected, reset your Seiki TV. 

Run The Power Cycle: Before resetting the Seki TV, you can run the power cycle by unplugging all the cables from the TV and waiting for ten minutes. After that, connect all plug all the cables into the TV and test the TV using the remote.

How To Reset Seiki Remote Control 

Remove the batteries from the remote and press the “POWER” button on the remote for 15 seconds. The previous program will erase. After this, insert batteries into the remote and press the ON/OFF button once to reset the remote to factory settings. Now, you can program your remote using a compatible code.

Which Is The Best Replacement Remote For Seiki TV

Several universal remote controllers are available on the market for remote replacement. RCA, GE, and Philips remotes are highly recommended remote controllers for Seiki Tv remote replacement. Also, you can get all the features of the original remote in these replacement remotes.

Here’s hoping that you can now program an RCA universal remote to a Seiki TV and for how to program a rca universal remote to a tcl tv refer this to get proper steps. However, if you are not able to successfully program your universal remote the first time over, just repeat the process with a different code, or try any of the two methods mentioned above. Best of luck!

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