RCA Universal Remote DVD Codes

One needs an organized drawing space that is clutter-free to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining home theatre experience. If you often find yourself getting confused between which remote to use for your TV, and which to use for your DVD player, then you need to get rid of the dozen remotes lying on your drawing table and pick one remote control that can control it all!

An RCA remote control is a one-stop solution for all your remote control needs as it can control multiple devices with the touch of a single button. A universal remote offers a convenient setup and all you need to do is use specific RCA universal remote codes list 4 digit for DVD players to program the RCA remote. Once you can program it, the remote is ready for use.

RCA Universal Remote Codes for DVD Player List

The name of the RCA universal remote itself is self-explanatory. It is capable of universally controlling multiple devices, regardless of the brand. Such a remote is especially useful if you have a highly complex home theatre setup that is interconnected with a handful of devices.

If you are wondering about how to program RCA remote to DVD player, programming such a universal remote is pretty straightforward and only takes a few steps. RCA is one of the most popular universal remotes in the market and offers seamless integration with a multitude of brands. However, one must dedicate some time, especially for programming because the entry, trial, and error of codes can take up some of your time.

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to DVD Player

Before one heads toward programming a universal remote, they must ensure that the device they want to sink it with is turned on. Moreover, make sure that you place fresh batteries into the universal remote control before you step into the programming process. Also, see to it that you have the right RCA universal remote DVD codes in front of you while you follow the programming process.

Now that you have your device and remote control ready, let’s begin the programming process.

  1. Firstly, press and hold the DVD device button on your RCA universal remote control.
  2. Now use the number keys on the keypad to enter a 4-digit code from the list of codes available in your user manual.
  3. After that, the LED indicator on your remote control will light up and stay lit. This means your remote is now in learning mode. You may leave the device button.
  4. If the light remains on, you have entered the right pairing code and it has been accepted.
  5. If the LED indicator blinks four times, it means that the code was not accepted by the device. So, try another code and see if it is accepted this time.
  6. One must test the remote after programming to see if it is able to give commands to the device.

After the completion of all the steps, you must be able to power on your DVD player, adjust the volume, and change channels. If it doesn’t happen, repeat the process with different codes, and you will eventually get it right!

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