RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sylvania TV

Having a remotely singularly dedicated for each device such as a DVD player, Blu-ray player, home theatre system, or TV may have seemed like a path-breaking innovation in the 80s. However, with the number of devices that are present in each household, picking out the remote you need from the pile lying next to your couch can seem nerve-racking to many.

An RCA universal remote is the one solution to all your device controlling needs. Rather than keeping a track of 10 remotes, just choose one that does it all!

All you need to do is program RCA remote to Sylvania TV with the unique 3-digit codes, sit back and call the shots. Your RCA universal remote will execute your every command while you sip on your iced tea, pop your favorite popcorn, and binge on your favorite movies.

Sylvania TV Codes for RCA Universal Remote List

Sylvania is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment in the US today. It is a consumer favorite, and generally, Sylvania TVs come with a remote control upon purchase. However, if the remote gets lost, or gets spoilt, there is no need to purchase another remote of the same model.

  • 11864
  • 10054
  • 10171
  • 11271
  • 11314
  • 11394
  • 11886
  • 11963

RCA 4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Sylvania TV

Just upgrade your remote to an RCA universal remote and make life a breeze for yourself. All you need to do is take a good look at the back of your Sylvania TV case and note the unique 4-digit codes mentioned on it. These are the RCA universal remote codes for Sylvania TV that need to be programmed into the remote.

  • 1864
  • 0054
  • 0030
  • 0171
  • 1271
  • 1314
  • 1394
  • 1665
  • 1886
  • 1944
  • 1963

How to program a RCA universal remote to a Sylvania TV

Before we learn how to program an RCA universal remote, let’s take stock of all the things needed in order to set up:

  1. An RCA universal remote control
  2. A brand new set of batteries (Check the user manual for the type of batteries)
  3. A handy instructional guide

Over and above, the aforementioned items, one also needs a great deal of patience as you will need to follow the programming steps to the “T”. In case, you are not able to program your universal remote at the first go, take a breath and start over.

One needs to follow the steps mentioned below to program the RCA remote to the type of Sylvania TV he/she has.

  1. Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button on the RCA remote till the red light blinks. Release the setup button and the red light must remain on.
  2. Click on the device button you wish to control, and the red light will blink once and stay on.
  3. Use the number buttons on the remote to enter the primary RCA remote codes for Sylvania TV. The red light will turn off after entering the last digit.
  4. Try out the remote by entering commands while pointing the RCA remote towards the TV.
  5. If buttons operate, you have successfully programmed the RCA remote. If not, repeat the process.

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