RCA Universal Remote Codes for TCL TV

Do you want to configure your favourite RCA universal remote to TCL tv? To set up an RCA universal remote with your television device, you need to program it using the TCL code for RCA universal remote. Using the RCA universal remote, you can program multiple home entertainment devices and operate them using a single remote. Programming a TCL tv with RCA remote will allow you to access all the device functions using the universal remote. Also, it will clear the clutter of managing individual device remotes for all your electronic devices.

RCA Universal Remote Codes for TCL List

To program and set up an RCA universal remote with TCL tv, you may need working universal TCL RCA remote codes. Below on the same page, you will find a list of RCA universal remote codes for the TCL tv list and rca codes for sharp tv list will be here. These codes are categorized into 4-digit, 3-digit, and 5-digit codes. You must check your remote code version and select a remote code from the list accordingly. After programming the remote, if it doesn’t work properly, you must choose an alternative code and repeat the same process.

  • 14398
  • 12434
  • 13183
  • 11756

RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for TCL TV

If you have purchased the RCA remote recently, it might use the latest code list version, cl5. Before starting the programming process, you need to remove the battery cover of your RCA remote and check if it has cl5 version. The below codes work for rc122 universal remote codes for TCL tv. You must use RCA remote 5-digit codes for TCL tv to program the remote setup.

  • 12434
  • 13183

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to TCL TV

Many methods are available to program an RCA universal remote to a TCL tv with easy-to-follow instructions. To program a remote control, you must have RCA universal remote codes, which is an essential part of remote programming. If you don’t find valid RCA remote codes for tcl tv then you can program your remote using auto-code search methods. Below on the same page, we have added step-by-step instructions to program your RCA universal remote control user manual and auto-code search methods.

Method 1: Manual Method:

Step 1: Initially, you need to turn on the TCL TV.

Step 2: Hold on to the RCA remote in front of the tv and click on the setup key. Tap on the component key on the universal remote to connect with the TCL device. the led indicator light blinks and remains on.

Step 3: Then, you need to choose a universal remote code from the list and enter it manually using the number of your RCA universal remote. 

Step 4: When you enter the valid TCL remote codes, the led indicator turns off. If the device turns off, it means you have entered a valid code.

Step 5: If the indicator light doesn’t turn off, choose an alternative code from the TCL tv remote codes list available below and repeat the programming process.

Step 6: Lastly, when the light switches off, you must store the entered code by clicking on the power key.

Method 2- Auto Code search:

1). Turn on the TCL TV and RCA universal remote.

2). Tap on the component button according to the device you are programming. Here we are programming a television device, so press on TV for 3 seconds. LED will blink to indicate that your device is ready to program.

3). Point out the RCA remote to tcl tv & repeatedly click the CH+ and CH- keys. The universal remote shows the on/off signals. Keep pressing the button till the device switches off.

4). Finally, to verify the remote code, tap on the power key of your universal remote as the device switches off, which means that tcl tv is now connected with a universal remote.

5). To store the code, click on the device key, and the led indicator will blink twice to confirm the code.

How to Find TCL TV Model Number to Program With RCA Universal Remote?

You can usually find the model number of your TCL TV by removing the back panel or looking on the back near the power cord. Once you have located the model number, you should be able to find further instructions above about how to program your universal remote for that particular model.

TCL TV Not Responding to Remote

Ensure that the batteries in the remote are charged and working properly. It is also possible that the remote has been set to a different mode than what your TV supports, so try switching it between various modes (AV1, AV2, etc.) until you find one that works.

Which Is The Best TCL TV Remote Replacement

RCA Universal Remote is an excellent choice. This remote can be used with most of the latest generation of TVs and allows you to control various functions such as volume, input selection, menu navigation, and more. It comes pre-programmed with codes specifically for TCL TVs

TCL Android Tv Remote Power Button Not Working

Make sure it has enough charge to operate properly. You may also consider trying a reset of both the remote and the TV itself.

Final words:

This article is about programming an RCA universal remote to TCL tv using manual or auto-code search methods. We hope you will find our remote codes and programming instructions helpful in setup the RCA remote. Please do share your feedback and suggestions to make further improvements.

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