RCA Remote Codes for Vizio TV

People with multiple devices such as home theatres, Blu-ray players, and TVs may find it difficult to keep tabs on multiple remotes. Moreover, there is a greater chance of misplacing or losing multiple remotes. This is where RCA remote codes for Vizio come in very handy.

A universal remote control offers the perfect solution for an enhanced cable TV experience as it has the necessary features to control a wide variety of devices at the press of a single button. All you need to do is program it so that it gets sequenced to all the devices you want to control.

RCA Remote Codes for Vizio List

Most people swear by the RCA remote controls as they are really easy to program and use. People who want to program the RCA remote to work with a Vizio TV must adhere to the 2, 3, 4 digit, and RCA universal remote 5 digit codes for Vizio TV if they want to use the multipurpose remote for multiple devices.

  • 1758
  • 2757
  • 2707
  • 0864
  • 1756
  • 0885

RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for Vizio TV

RCA remotes can be programmed to be used with just about any Vizio TV. While the 2-digit and 3-digit codes work with most TV models and same thing can apply for rca universal remote codes for sony tv, some may need you to use the 4-digit and 5 digit codes. You can check the back of your Vizio TV to see the model number and codes used in programming.

  • 11758
  • 13758
  • 14905
  • 14723
  • 12707
  • 12757
  • 12512
  • 11756

How to Program RCA Universal Remote for Vizio TV

Programming your RCA remote is easy now that you have the correct RCA universal remote codes for Vizio TV. You need to ensure that your TV is switched on and your RCA remote has brand new batteries installed correctly in them. Let’s get started!

  1. Switch on Vizio TV and keep the TV button pressed on the RCA remote for a few seconds.
  2. Release the button as soon as the LED light blinks twice on the remote and turns on.
  3. Start entering program rca tv codes. With a little trial and error, you will discover the right code for your Vizio TV.
  4. Once you enter the right code, the LED light will blink twice and you will program vizio tv with RCA remote.
  5. Point the remote towards your TV and press the power button. This will confirm that you have programmed the remote correctly and are ready to give commands to the TV.
  6. If the TV turns off, it means everything went right However, if the TV remains unresponsive, you may have to repeat the process once again with the right code.

Final words

If you have been making attempts at RCA universal remote program for Vizio and had no luck, then this guide will help you program your rca universal remote codes r26211 within a few moments. Just follow the steps mentioned diligently, and you will have your remote programmed and your Vizio TV taking commands in no time!. So, get rid of the pile of remotes lying on your coffee table and get your hands on a brand new RCA remote today!

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