RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sony DVD Player

Do you want to program your sony devices to rca universal remote? Our guide will help you setup rca remote for sony DVD Player easily. Nowadays, people may own various home entertainment devices which all came with a individual remote to operate their device functions. But in case if you have lost or damaged the remote, it will create barrier in enjoying favourite shows and web series. In that situation a rca universal remote will operate all your devices using a single remote if programmed correctly. To program the remote the all you need is rca remote codes for sony and programming methods.

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu-Ray Player

Along with the remote programming guide we have updated a wide variety of rca universal codes for sony dvd player for all types of universal remote. so if your remote accepts 3 digit, 5 digit or 4 digit rca remote codes for blu ray player, you can find it from the below given codes list.

  • 3166
  • 3261
  • 3269
  • 3270
  • 3271
  • 3272
  • 3360
  • 3361
  • 3404
  • 3518

RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for Sony TV

For the newest version of rca universal remotes, we have categorized a long list of rca 5 digit remote codes for all devices and brands. You just need to go through the codes list and check the codes available in front of your remote brands. Choose a code from the available list and start programming the remote. if the device doesn’t work accurately, you need to choose any other code and repeat the process again.

  • 31633
  • 30533
  • 30864
  • 30772
  • 31033
  • 31070
  • 31431
  • 31516
  • 31824
  • 32020

Program RCA Universal Remote for Sony Blu-Ray Player:

To program a your rca remote with sony devices you can use any of the below given methods. You may find auto code search and direct code entry methods below here with step by step instruction. If you have find rca universal remote codes for sony from the codes list available here then direct code entry method works best for you. and if you didn’t find any of the remote codes working for you, then you can choose to program your rca universal remote using auto code programming.

Method 1- Auto Programming:

  • Switch on the device you wish to program rca remote such as sony dvd player or blu-ray.
  • Click on and release the device key. The remote’s indicator on/off key will illuminate and remains lit.
  • Simultaneously click & release the device button and the power key. The light indicator will turns off. Wait for a few minutes, it should turn back on.
  • Release both keys you were holding after the light indicator turns on. It should remains on.
  • Tap & release the play key on the rca remote. if the DVD or blu-ray player you are programming doesn’t switches off after 5 seconds then continue to click on the play key every 5 seconds until the device turns off.
  • Now click and release the reverse key. Wait for a few moments to see if the device turns back on and click on it in every 3 seconds until it does.
  • Tap & release the stop key to store the program in your remote’s memory.
  • Repeat the same steps for each of the additional device you wish to pair with your rca universal remote.

Method 2- Direct code programming:

  • At first, check the below available Rca remote codes for sony blu-ray player and dvd player you wish to program remote. 
  • Switch on your device.
  • Hold on the device category button on the rca universal remote until the power key lights up.
  • Keep holding the device key when you enter the first code you have selected.
  • After you have entered the remote code, keep holding the device button. If the power key is still illuminated, it denotes you have entered the code correctly. 
  • Start testing your remote with device commands. If it works properly like power, menu, and volume keys should now control your device.
  • If the power key blinks four times, it signifies the device code entered was invalid. Go back and repeat the process with alternative remote codes.

Final words:

We hope you will find our rca remote codes for sony dvd player article useful in programming your home entertainment devices and rca remote codes for tcl tv are here if you have this device. We have updated a wide range of remote codes for all your devices. Also, we accepts new codes via comment section below here.

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