RCA Universal Remote Codes for ONN TV

RCA stands amongst one of the most globally recognised and in-use brand of universal remote controls that comes with multi device synchronization feature. It is due to its unique feature of easily synchronizing with any streaming device, it has gained the highest popularity amongst the users. The usage is simple and easy to implement however, the user needs to first pair the remote with the device of their choice. This could be anything ranging from ONN TV, Roku TV, ONN DVD player, etc. 

Even though most the times, the remote controls come with a guide through which it is very easy to correspond the relative code and easily sync but, a step by setup process needs to be followed each time you wish to sync your device. Here, we will be describing a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you easily program your RCA universal remote to any device of your choice.

RCA Remote Codes for ONN TV List

RCA remotes generally come with a substantial manual and guide that describes how to use and pair your one stop control device. In order to find your pairing code, you need to either look for the same in the manual or this can be done through an automated process as well. It is very simple but needs a careful step by step flow.

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  • 43612
  • 32011
  • 00717
  • 14398
  • 15348
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  • 11756
  • 13024
  • 13078
  • 15118

RCA Universal Remote Codes for ONN ROKU TV

Similarly, separate ONN TV codes for RCA universal remote are available on the device box or the manual that had come along with your remote control. You just need to keep a note and enter the same during the setup process. Failing this, you might have to repeat the entire process again which would absolutely waste your time. So, better keep the code ready, beforehand.

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The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that similar codes won’t work for multiple devices. This means you need to pick a separate RCA universal remote code for ONN TV and a separate one for Roku TV.

RCA Universal Remote Codes for ONN DVD Player  

Universal remote code doesn’t just work on video streaming devices like TV but, it goes perfectly with audio and video playing devices like a DVD player as well. Just get the ONN DVD player codes for RCA universal remote, and you can easily sync your device for an uninterrupted enjoyment. RCA universal remote code for ONN DVD PLAYER might be different from what you have for your Roku or ONN TV, so make sure to cross check. 

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  • 25751
  • 24551
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  • 34016
  • 34377

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to ONN ROKU TV?

Now, if you are looking for the steps to program RCA universal remote to ONN ROKU TV, here is a fully described step by step process for you. Using these, you can easily setup RCA universal remote for ONN TV.  Let’s begin!

Here we are describing the process of programming the RCA universal remote control in case it doesn’t have a “CODE SEARCH” button!. If you don’t see a Code Search button on your remote, here is how you can program your remote making use of your RCA universal remote code for ONN ROKU TV.

  1. Get the remote’s revision number.  In case, you don’t have the same, open the battery cartridge, remove the batteries, you can see a sticker  with a set of 5 or 6 characters starting with letter “R”. 
  2. Next, browse RCA’s website to search for the revision number from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Pick your brand name from the next list on the drop-down menu. For faster operation, type the brand name. 
  4. Select the device type that needs to be connected. This could be your TV or the DVD player, etc.
  5. Depending on the unit, you wish to connect, you might have even more than one codes.
  6. Now turn ‘ON’ the device you wish to pair with the remote. 
  7. It’s time to use your code. Use the number pad on the remote to enter the code, pointing the remote at the device, entire time. 
  8. Its testing times! Test if all the buttons of your remote are working or not.

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to ONN TV?

If your remote has the “Code Search” button, there is another simpler way to pair devices. .

  1. If your remote has this button, just connect your device by entering the code, specific to the device.
  2. Turn your TV ‘ON’. 
  3. Long press and hold the “Code Search” button on the remote along with pressing the device button that needed to be paired. You will see the remote’s light blink once and glow steadily.
  4. Now enter the code making use of the remote’s number pad, holding it towards the device. You will see the light turned off if the right code is entered.
  5. Now, don’t forget to test your remote to ensure all its  buttons are working.
  6. In case, still your code for the device isn’t working, you can perform a code entry search as an alternate option. 

Final words: 

The universal remote is simply an amazing tool that can replace any other general remote in the segment. However, the pairing needs to be carefully done. But, once the right pairing is done nothing better than this can help you stream programs of your choice. 

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