Program RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

It’s frustrating to dig around everything at home whenever you are searching for the remote and you couldn’t find it. A universal remote comes as a lifesaver for lost or broken device remotes or when you have multiple electronic devices at home. It makes your things manageable by combining all the remotes into a single remote. Our RCA universal remote is the best selection for your Sanyo TV. It will not only control your Sanyo TV but will also control other devices of the home and even the console.

If you are the one who gets exhausted with everyday struggle with finding the remote, then you must get RCA universal remote and have an amazing experience. You can program RCA universal remote control with your devices like TV, DVD, cable box the way we did for rca universal remote codes for philips tv, and much more. Depending on the requirement, you can either program your RCA remote to Sanyo TV using an auto-manual method or by entering a code. However, people always prefer code as it’s very simple and easy. It allows you to control your TV set with the universal remote and let you enjoy your favorite show.

What Are The RCA Universal Remote Codes for Program Sanyo TV

To program RCA universal remote with Sanyo TV, you will be required a list of universal remote codes that is easily available online or you can even find it in the user manual. You can set up your Sanyo tv with RCA universal remote to control the settings of your TV and enjoy using multiple features. You need to choose the appropriate code for the list with various codes followed by simple instructions. Usually, these codes are one, two, three, or four digits codes that go according to the brand of your device. Check out the complete list of codes to program RCA Universal remote with your Sanyo TV.

  • 1004
  • 1048
  • 1049
  • 1073
  • 1080
  • 1107
  • 1162
  • 1169
  • 1180
  • 1196
  • 0054
  • 1142

What Is The RCA Remote 4 Digit Code for a Sanyo TV

Every brand has a unique code that is required to program the remote correctly with their TV set. These codes can vary from 1 digit code to 4 digits code, but in Sanyo TV, we need a 4 digits code. Before programming the RCA universal remote with Sanyo TV, you must check the code list in the user manual that has come along with your remote control, or you can even find it online and mark the 4 digits code this how to program rca universal remote to dynex tv will help you for better idea. Here is a list of 4 digit codes for Sanyo TV that will let your TV get connected with the RCA Universal remote control.

  • 0054
  • 1142

RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for Sanyo TV

Apart from 4 digits code, you can also pair your RCA Universal remote to Sanyo TV using 5 digits code. If you are unable to sync the remote with Sanyo TV using 4 digits code then you can use 5 digits code for better results. You will find the 5 digits code either on the user manual or online or you can check here.

  • 11142
  • 13488
  • 10054
  • 10154
  • 10159

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo DVD Player

You can also program your Sanyo DVD player with RCA universal remote and control the functions of your DVD player. You need to enter a 4 digits code to sync the RCA remote to the Sanyo DVD player. Though there are different ways to program Sanyo DVD with an RCA remote, codes can easily perform the process in last rca remote codes for sharp tv article we did the same. Given below are the codes that must be entered in your RCA remote to pair it with your Sanyo DVD player.  

  • 3359
  • 3508
  • 3518
  • 30695
  • 30873
  • 30670

How To Program an RCA Universal Remote to a Sanyo TV

Programming RCA universal remote control to Sanyo TV is very easy like rca universal remote codes for hisense roku tv. You can pair the TV with the remote by following a few simple steps. Before jumping directly on the programming, first, you need to mark all the codes by listing or screenshotting them in one place. This will be a big time-saver for you during the entire setup process. Don’t forget to check the remote’s batteries, whether they are working or not

  1. Switch on your Sanyo TV. 
  2. Aim your RCA universal remote to the TV and press the TV button on the remote. 
  3. Now keep holding the button until the power key turns off.
  4. Next, you will be required to enter the code using the number keys on the remote. Once you enter the code the power key should turn off.
  5. Hold the TV button and wait for the TV to turn back on. If it turns back on, it means that you have entered the correct code.
  6. You can also check if it has been fully programmed by clicking on several keys on your remote and see if the TV responds to the commands. If it responds, it means the programming was successful. 
  7. However, if your TV didn’t follow the remote commands, you need to use another code and restart step 1.

How To Program an RCA Universal Remote to a Sanyo TV Without Codes

It’s not always necessary to program your Sanyo TV with RCA universal remote control by using codes even rca universal remote codes for lg dvd player you have to do the same, you can also connect both without using codes as well. You can use the auto-manual method to set up the RCA remote to Sanyo TV without codes. Here we have mentioned the steps which will guide you to program the RCA remote to your TV.

  1. Switch on your Sanyo TV using RCA universal remote by long-pressing the TV button and power button at the same time.
  2. Release both buttons once the power light gets on.
  3. Now, press the Play button until the TV gets on.
  4. Now press the Reverse button, and keep pressing the reverse button every 5 seconds until the TV gets off. Once your TV is off, just stop pressing the button.
  5. Next, press the Stop button to save the procedure. To check if your remote is successfully connected with the TV, press channel keys or any other key. If the TV is working on your command, it means the programming was successful. Your RCA universal remote control is now ready to use.
  6. If your TV didn’t follow the commands with your TV, you require to follow the steps again

You can start using it by programming the remote with your Sanyo TV and enjoy your shows and movies.

  1. What Is The Best Way To Turn On A Sanyo TV Without Remote

    The best way to turn on your Sanyo TV without using a remote is through the smart remote app. Download the app from the play store and install it. Once the app is installed, use it to connect with your Sanyo TV and use it for further operations and functionality of the Sanyo TV.

  2. Best Universal Remote App For Sanyo TV

    The best universal remote app for Sanyo TV available on play store is the Sanyo TV remote app or the Remote Control for TV app. It works with Sanyo TV, hassle-free. All you got to do is download any of this on your smart device and you are ready to go.

  3. Will This RCA Universal Remote Work On A Sanyo TV

    Yes! The RCA universal remote will definitely work on a Sanyo TV. For this, all you got to do is configure your RCA remote to your TV using the appropriate device codes and connect to it. Once the remote is connected, you can use it just like a normal remote to control all its operations.

  4. How Can I Reset Sanyo TV To Fix RCA Remote Not Working

    The best way to reset your Sanyo TV is by applying default factory settings to it. For this, you need to press the “Home” button, enter the “Setup,” select “Restore Default Settings” and press “OK.” Next choose “Reset AV settings” or the “Reset all settings” and hit OK. This will reset all your settings.

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