What Are The Toshiba TV Codes For My RCA Universal Remote (Set-up Included)

Universal remote controls are not new, they have been around us for the past decade but now with the change in technology these universal remotes have also been upgraded, which allows us to control all the electronic devices at home with one single remote even rca sound bar 4 digit remote code too. Isn’t it amazing? Universal remotes are the best to choose to avoid misplacing remotes every day and wasting time looking for them all around the house. 

RCA universal remote has gained much popularity these days, and so people are fond of getting one for their home theater. RCA remote control is very common and you can get its service center at your place easily. It can connect with all the electronic devices and with your Toshiba TV and rca remote codes for jvc tv as well. You are required to have a Toshiba TV code to sync the RCA remote to your TV and in no time you will be able to operate your Toshiba TV with the RCA remote. 

What Are The 5 Digit RCA Codes for Toshiba TV

As mentioned above, you need to have a code to program Toshiba TV with your RCA universal remote. There are various models available for RCA universal remote control in the market, and so there are different codes for different models of the remote to program Toshiba TV. These codes vary in digits such as rca universal remote codes for magnavox dvd player etc… You can find three, four, and five digits codes for Toshiba TV to be programmed with RCA universal remote. Check out the RCA universal remote codes for Toshiba devices at home and program them with a single click:

  • 11524
  • 10154
  • 10156
  • 11256
  • 10060
  • 10650
  • 11156
  • 11656
  • 11704
  • 12006
  • 12724

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Toshiba TV DVD combo

RCA remotes can also be programmed with a Toshiba TV DVD combo unit, yes you read it right. It’s very easy to fully control the functions of your Toshiba TV DVD combo unit with the RCA universal remote and utilize the time for yourself. It makes your life simple by providing you ease with managing one remote instead of various. All you just need is to have the correct Toshiba TV DVD code that will make your TV unit work with RCA universal remote. Here is a complete list of RCA universal remote codes for the Toshiba TV DVD combo, mark the code for yours.

  • 11524
  • 11256
  • 12006
  • 30695

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Toshiba Blu ray player

Toshiba BLU Ray player can also get synced with your RCA universal remote. Just like other devices, you have to get the code for the device that will be available on the user manual that has come along with the RCA remote or you can even check it online, or else you can find the code given here. So, go to the codes section of the manual and find the code for your Toshiba BLU Ray player and mark the same to enter it on the remote.  

  • 1272
  • 31769
  • 51272
  • 33857
  • 30503
  • 32277
  • 33157
  • 32705
  • 33957
  • 31769

How Do I Program My RCA Universal Remote To My Toshiba TV

Once you find the correct code for your Toshiba TV you can program your TV with RCA universal remote control. The procedure to sync the RCA remote to your Toshiba TV is very simple, just follow some easy steps and you are good to go. But before rca universal remote programming to TV, make sure to check the batteries of the remote. You can only connect the TV with the remote when the batteries are fully working. 

Follow the steps given here and enjoy your favorite shows:

  1. First you must manually “Switch On” your Toshiba TV. 
  2. After turning on your TV, press and hold the CODE SEARCH button on the RCA universal remote. 
  3. Now press and release the TV button you want to set up
  4. If you are using AUX for your TV, you are required to press and release AUX first and then the TV button to be programmed. Now the TV button will flash once. 
  5. At this point release the CODE SEARCH button. 
  6. Next press OFF/ON continuously until the TV gets switched off. You may have to press up to 100 times every second. 
  7. Once the device turns off, press and release the ENTER button. 
  8. Now your TV will turn on, press any other button once the TV turns on. If the device responds to your command, no further programming is required. If the device does not respond, then you must repeat the entire steps again.
  1. Best Replacement Remote Control For Toshiba TV

    RCA universal remotes are the most compatible universal remotes for most of the smart TVs. Similar goes for your Toshiba TV. Once the universal remote is configured with your Toshiba TV using the correct set of remote codes, you device is ready to operate using the universal remote, easily.

  2. How Do I Turn On My Toshiba TV Without A Remote

    Use the Toshiba TV remote app to not just turn on your TV but also operate it for all its functions by downloading it from the play store app on your smartphone. If you do not wish to do the same, you can simply use the power button on the TV to switch on/off your tv.

  3. Toshiba Smart TV Remote Not Working

    There are multiple reasons why your Toshiba smart tv remote might not be working. Inoperative batteries or discharged batteries or wrong polarity of the batteries can be the prime reason to it. To fix the problem, remote reset should work.

  4. How To Access Settings On Toshiba TV Without Remote

    Use the physical buttons on your Toshiba TV to enter the “ menu.” Now choose the settings tab listed below using the arrow keys and once you click the tab, you will enter the settings option for your Toshiba TV. Use the settings options to access any of the options across your Toshiba TV.

  5. How To Scan Channels On Toshiba TV Without Remote

    Use the physical “Menu” button on your TV to enter the “Menu.” Now search for the “Channel scan” button in your TV’s menu. This may also appear as “Rescan,” “Tune” or “Auto-tune” in some cases, too. Digital or analog setting choices might appear. Choose digital mode, click on ok and your scan should start with this.

Final words:

When it comes to choosing one universal remote control for your home theatre, the RCA universal remote is the best choice among the rest. Hope we have explained to you well the programming method and codes for syncing your RCA universal remote control to your Toshiba TV as well as rca universal remote codes for westinghouse tv we mentioned in other post if you want you can check them, Toshiba TV DVD Combo, Toshiba BLU Ray Player, and other Toshiba devices. You can check these brief details about controlling electronic devices with one single RCA universal remote here, or if you still have any doubt then feel free to call RCA customer service which is available 24*7 to help you with all your queries.

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